‘I don’t want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself.’ * “You’re oversensitive, and other people (men) feel the same way about you”; I recently received this feedback from a colleague, and I have been mulling over it for a few days. This was delivered under the guise... Continue Reading →

A Time to Reflect

I wrote this blog over a month ago, but I was too scared to post it! I wondered whether it was too ‘deep’ or perhaps too personal. However, a wonderful friend convinced me that it could be a useful read for others – I hope you enjoy it, and apologies for the delay! 2019 was... Continue Reading →

My Top Three Podcasts of 2019

Back by popular demand (not really), this was one of my favourite posts to write last January, and 2019 turned out to be an even more nuanced year of podcasts. I thought I’d share some of the podcasts that I have consistently enjoyed over the past year – let me know if you give any... Continue Reading →

72 Days Meat Free

The decision to end my consumption of meat was not quick or impulsive (unlike most of my decisions). It is something that I have been working towards for almost four years, with periods of great success and periods of complete and utter failure. A key learning it that the worst way (for me) to cut... Continue Reading →

End of Summer Anxiety

I’ve recently heard a lot of people use the term ‘August Anxiety’; this describes the panic/dread associated with the thought of summer coming to an end. I can relate to this, having experienced similar anxiety around this time last year. Before delving into this, I want to touch on the difference between feeling anxious and... Continue Reading →

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