The ultimate Malawi Challenge: Sport with a Purpose

I am ever so excited to announce that in October (i.e. next month!) I will be travelling to Malawi to join Dame Kelly Holmes and a team of 20 on the 2018 Orbis Challenge. The purpose of this expedition is to assist with launching a new campaign, Sport with a Purpose, to raise awareness of the importance of nutrition and sport in Malawi.

As the challenge takes place in four weeks, and my place on the trip was confirmed four days ago, I really don’t have long to prepare for what will most DEFINITELY be the most intense physical challenge of my life!! There are 3 key elements to the challenge, which are:

  • RUN: Every year, there is a 25km run up Mulanje Mountain known as The Porters Race. This trail has a 1660m elevation gain (I REPEAT 1660M) and the incredibly hot climate will make the run even more challenging. I’ve never run in this heat before – in fact, I’ve never experienced this heat before and therefore any tips would be much appreciated!
  • CYCLE: We will be completing a 55km cycle across Zomba Plateau, which has an elevation gain of 1800m (I REPEAT 1800M.)
  • KAYAK: There will be a 20km kayak on Lake Malawi (the ninth largest lake in the world!) commencing at Cape Maclear, heading out to Mumbo Island, and then returning to the mainland.

We will be visiting several community initiatives in Malawi to support this years Sport with a Purpose cause. Our main focus will be raising awareness about health and wellbeing in Malawi.

One of these initiatives is Street Chef; a small, local initiative designed to get healthy local grown food onto the streets of Malawi. Street Chef have created environmentally friendly stoves that use minimal firewood, and come with recipes and training for the business street chefs on how to make delicious, locally sourced food.

This is such a fantastic initiative, and I feel SO privileged to be taking part! However, I would really REALLY appreciate your support; ideally I need to raise at least £2,000, but I am aware that at this late stage it may not be an achievable target. If you can help, anything at all, I would be ever so grateful: The Orbis Challenge

Do you have experience of running in the scorching heat? If so, I would love to hear your words of wisdom – please do get in touch!

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