2018 Review and Self-Reflection

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet as no doubt you have read 86 million ‘2018 self-reflection’ blogs already!

2018 was a weird but wonderful year, and I wanted to share some of my highlights/poignant moments, because it’s important to celebrate success and not shy away from it.


I began training for my second marathon, taking on the Beast of the East and freezing my bojanglies off for 4 months.


Perhaps a menial highlight, but I discovered that I really like curry – it’s been pretty life changing!


I took part in my first 20-mile race, in which I threw up on someone’s shoes but then proceeded to eat three slices of cake.


Putting pen to paper and sharing my thoughts is something I greatly enjoy, therefore after much internal debate I started this blog!


A key learning rather than a highlight – DON’T suffer in silence. In May, I confronted my mental health issues after almost a decade of self-denial. Acceptance of this has been an overwhelmingly positive turning point – I may write a separate post about this at a later date.


I started running with the 5am club and made some fantastic, inspirational, slightly crazy new friends.


I took on the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge, which is something I’ve wanted to do for many years. I’m so up for the National Three Peaks Challenge this summer – is anyone keen?!


I quit my job in order to pursue my passion – this was terrifying, but I am so, SO glad that I took the plunge.


I took part in the Great North Run, which wasn’t particularly great, but I did run my fastest half marathon with very little training which gave me a much-needed self-confidence boost.


I travelled to Malawi to join Dame Kelly Holmes and a team of 20 on the 2018 Orbis Challenge. It’s impossible to sum up this adventure in a couple of sentences… just. incredible.


Ahhh, the month of unicorns – I finally got my tattoo cover up and I blooooody love it! (Sorry Dad. Sorry Grandma).


I volunteered at Crisis at Christmas, alongside an amazing friend who I met this year. If you’re interested in finding out a little bit more about this, check out my latest post.

To summarise my year…

I realised that health & happiness is all that really matters. I recognised the importance of positive friendships (female friendships in particular) and became more aware of the influence that other people were having on me. I also made a conscious effort to be a little bit kinder to myself.

Before this gets waaaay too deep and meaningful, I’ll simply wish a (slightly belated) happy new year to you all! Thank you ever so much for supporting my blog, and I hope you will continue to read my ramblings in 2019.


Mell x

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