Running at Altitude

Having only completed 3 sessions at the Altitude Centre, I am by no means an expert on this topic! However, I have been asked to write a post about this, so I am simply sharing my experience thus far. There is a vast array of benefits associated with exercising at altitude, including improved strength and... Continue Reading →

Should I join a Running Club?

In line with my 1-year & 3 weeks anniversary of ‘officially’ joining South London Harriers, I thought this would be an apt post! I attempted to join a running club in Scotland a couple of years ago but was informed that said running club was for MEN ONLY NO LADIES ALLOWED. Being the stubborn character... Continue Reading →

Plogging & Plastic Free July

I will open this post by admitting that I am unsure whether I ‘passed’ or ‘failed’ plastic free July.  This was not through lack of effort or commitment; I am a strong minded individual, and very rarely give up on a goal I have set myself. For those of you who may not be aware,... Continue Reading →

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