Richmond 10K – this is NOT a race review

This was not what I was planning to post today, but after feeling ever so inspired after yesterday’s Richmond 10K race, I thought it would be a shame not to blog about it! The reason behind specifying that this is NOT a race review/recap, and apologies for being blunt, is because approximately 86% of the [...]

Running Nutrition – My Biggest Mistakes!

Nutrition for Runners, and nutrition in general, is something that interests me greatly, particularly as I previously lived off a diet of cheese & wine & mojitos & Greggs sausage rolls (I now eat what I hope is a more nutrient-dense diet!) There were a few nutritional blunders I made when I initially started running [...]

‘Dangerous’ Strength Training

Most runners seem to be aware (even if they don’t agree!) that strength training is an essential component of training. If carried out correctly, strength training can increase speed, help to prevent injuries, improve running economy, alongside a variety of other benefits. The purpose of this post is not to discuss the Science behind strength [...]